If I cannot press rewind then I must pause…

I love knowledge. I love consuming information and feeling aware. I love reading and sharing new and interesting information. However, sometimes this love gets confused, and I find myself consuming things that do not make me feel powerful and instead make me feel useless and even afraid. I do not know where the line is, but I have often found myself wandering lost, far from the borders of empowering knowledge, and surrounded by the tattles of useless jargon. Worse yet is when I find myself submerged in the abyss of a fear-mongering company, and although I am afraid, I continue to read and scroll and click until I am certain I have nothing more to offer. Surely this is no company to keep.

In my mind, I must retrace my footsteps and find my way back to the other side of the line. I want to go back to the side where I feel powerful and useful. I want to be back to the side of hope, but life does not work like that. You do not always get to rewind your actions and try again because what you have heard cannot be unheard (or, in this case, read). You can, however, mute the situation. You can hit pause. You can choose to stop.

And so, this line, this chance, my friends, is where I stop. I stop reading my Facebook newsfeed. I stop reading blogs (though I regretfully miss some really great posts). I stop scrolling through Instagram. I re-engage with myself and my mind and my power.

When I feel like I have found my footing once again, I come back with focused eyes and mind. I am able to turn away from where I was before and I try again. I look for the good and I look for the inspiring. I look for truth and hope and love.

We share and it is beautiful, but sometimes a little solitude is best, and unplugging really is the best way to recharge.

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Hello! My name is Britney and I am a writer specializing in life writing.

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