BlizzCon 2018 Recap

Hi friends!

We landed back in Edmonton on Monday and though I came home with a cold, I had a good trip. BlizzCon was a little different this year due to increased security (thank you Blizzard!!). While it was a little frustrating having to stand in so many lines, it 100% outweighs the safety risk, though we did laugh at the new proposed name of CueCon for 2019.


Last year was the first year for the OW world cup and the line-up to get into the arena was INSANE, so I found my seat and sat there for hours, missing a ton of panels. This year I knew I didn’t want to miss so much!

Diablo Immortal Unveiled

Despite what people are saying, this panel wasn’t THAT brutal. Yes, people were disappointed that they weren’t getting a Diablo 4 (yet!) or 1 or 2 remastered (yet!). The creators have said many times that there are MORE Diablo announcements coming.  Overall, Diablo Immortal actually looks pretty fun and I’m looking forward to trying it (I can hear the boos from here).

Inside Blizzard

This panel offered a really cool look at a range of different Blizzard employees sharing their personal journeys to Blizzard Entertainment–the geek dream lives!

Geek & Sundry — Connecting, Create, and Inspire through Play

Hands down, this was my favourite panel this year (and last year, too). Hosted by Erika Ishii and Trisha Hershberger, the panel consisted of Blizzard voice actors (and fans): Darin DuPaul, Erin Fitzgerald, Josh Petersdorf, Misty Lee, and Matt Mercer.

This panel made me laugh, cry, and cheer until my throat was raw. This panel brings so many people together and shows us the power of the geek community.


I have the virtual ticket and will be watching the remainder of the panels within the next few days, but the panels above are the ones I actually saw at BlizzCon.

Overwatch World Cup

Overwatch didn’t disappoint with some excellent matches! I, as always, was cheering for Canada and loved that they took home bronze! China secured silver and South Korea cleaned up again this year winning gold.


Memorable moments

The man in orange seen in the back of the mega-screen video before the finals. Buddy stole the show munching on his Lucio-OHs and had the arena cackling.

Overwatch broadcaster Josh Wilkinson downing the ENTIRE jar of maple syrup in one gulp–not sure how he managed to sit still after that dose of sugar!


“Welcome Home” flashes across the screen at opening ceremony each year and is echoed by Blizzard Entertainment (former) president Mike Morhaime. For many of us, BlizzCon is a second (or only) home. We join with 35,000 other geeks and for three days we don’t have to hide. We get to talk and share about our favourite games, discuss our theories, and bond with our Blizzard family. As Morhaime says, “there are no strangers, only friends who haven’t met yet.”

I saw examples of strong new friendships blooming, endless examples of kindness, and goodhearted competition among BlizzCon attendees. While the online toxicity can be disheartening and downright devastating, the BlizzCon attendees, each year, don’t disappoint and are always willing and ready to share, connect, and game with new friends.

But Wait, There’s More

The Lucio-OHs cereal was a lot of fun. Once we realized the commercial was real and that we were getting legit cereal–it was awesome! I havent tried mine yet, but it looks like a delicious hybrid of Apple Jacks and Fruit Loops.

StarCraft 20th anniversary beers! Despite being $8 a beer (usd) these were a lot of fun to try and tasted pretty good.

Metzen popping up during the WoW Q&A. The crowd LOST it when Chris Metzen dropped the question: “when is the Horde getting its true warchief back?!”
I miss opening ceremonies with his booming voice and contagious excitement and passion.

Speaking of changes to the opening ceremonies, Mike Morhaime announce his retirement earlier this year, which saddened the Blizzard family. His opening ceremony speech is always my FAVOURITE part and I’ll miss his joy and kindhearted words. J. Allen Brack is taking up the torch and I know he’ll do a great job.

This is a short recap and I’m missing so many great elements and moments, but I wanted to put something together based on the panels and events that I personally witnessed.

If you attended BlizzCon or watched any of the virtual ticket, I’d love to hear about your favourite moments!

Overall, I’m feeling those post-BlizzCon blues HARD, but I’m looking forward to 2019.

Stay Curious,

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