Why I Love Writing Wedding Speeches

It’s Wedding Season!

I’ve had the opportunity to work with a few new clients this week, which always makes me so excited!

Writing maid of honour speeches affords me the privilege of learning the backstory to so many unique friendships. Through an interview I learn how the friends met, I learn about their favourite stories and their favourite songs, and what they love most about their friendship.

I love taking this information and crafting it into a meaningful and special story for my client to deliver back to his or her friend–it’s honestly just so cool! The only thing that makes me sad is that I cannot be there when the speech is read.

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So, What’s the Formula?

I’ve been asked about my “speech formula” and this question always makes me laugh because, while there certainly is a basic outline to use when writing a speech (i.e. people you need to acknowledge, certain special memories to recall, and of course, actually toasting the happy couple), there is no copy-and-paste outline to these speeches because each story is unique and requires a different format and tone.

The foundation to each friendship is different. Some friendships are formed on laughter and humour, while others are built from the ashes of a tragedy and so the writing process for each custom speech must different. While a certain speech is perfect for one client, that same speech (even with the memories swapped out) would be inappropriate and hollow for another client.

What is Love? (baby don’t hurt me)

We’re all different—we know this—and yet there is something so beautiful about piecing together different puzzles, seeing beyond the differences, and finding the similarities. We all value friendship. We all value support. We all value companionship. Regardless whether you are introverted or extroverted, you know that special feeling of being cared for and caring for another. It is a beautiful, valuable, and indescribable feeling to be loved. While I truly do believe that this feeling is indescribable and undefinable, there is something so genuine in the pursuit of capturing even a small reminder of the power of a loving friendship and this is what I aim for with each of my custom wedding speeches.

Do You Remember?

I like to think of a good wedding speech like that nostalgic scent that transports you back to a special time (I swear I will be hunting mine until the end of time—it’s a vanilla SOMETHING). While we can never truly harness the scent (or the full feelings about our special friends), when we are reminded, it is a truly special moment that makes us stop and fondly reflect.  

So no, there is no secret formula to writing these speeches and like that elusive scent, these speeches will never truly define your  special bond, but a well written speech can take you back through your friendship and remind you both of all those special memories. Most of all, a well written speech can remind you that you are cared for and loved, and that’s pretty good too.

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Happy tuesday!



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