What’s The Biggest Wedding Planning Stressor?

Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be really hard. Not many of us were ever taught how to plan a party for 100+ people, but that seems to be what’s expected of us when we get married and, honestly, it’s not all fun and games.

If you and your partner do decide to get married and to plan a large wedding here’s the opinions from wedding planners I surveyed on the biggest stressors they encountered.

Survey Says!

I asked a sample of people (some who are already married and some who are in the process of planning a wedding) about their BIGGESTS wedding planning stressor. I’ve plotted the results on this pie chart (click it to enlarge).

I received 92 responses and have complied the data into a pie chart for you all to look at:

meta-chartCC Lenore Freelance Writing — Made with meta-chart.com

There were eight categories and from the 116 people asked, I found that the three biggest categories for wedding stress were:

Biggest Wedding Planning Stressor

  1. Budget/Money (28%)
  2. Conflict with Families (26%)
  3. Guests (25%)

The Budget category is self explanatory as it includes any sort of stress incurred by financial related issues.

The conflict with families category included any type of conflict occurring between the bride/groom’s family or between the partner’s family (with the possibility of the two having issues with one another).

The Guest category included issues with whom to invite and whom to leave off the list, people incorrectly RSVPing (or failing to RSVP altogether), guest etiquette, and seating charts.

Of course, some categories overlapped. For example some family conflict could result from issues over guest lists and financials.

What Do You Think?

What do you think? Did any of the data surprise you?

What was your biggest wedding planning stressor (if you even had one)? Leave your answer below in the comment section!

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