Best Friend Maid of Honor speech: Why these speeches are so important

text: "best friend maid of honor speech: why these speeches are so important"

Writing the Best Friend Maid of Honor Speech

One of my favourite speeches is the best friend maid of honor speech. It’s an opportunity for people share a brief summary of the story of their friendship, while also congratulating the couple and wishing them joy and love on their next chapter.

So, What’s the Formula for the Best Friend Maid of Honor Speech?

People ask, “what’s the formula for these speeches?”  and this question always makes me laugh. While there’s a basic outline to use when writing a speech (i.e. people you need to acknowledge, special memories to share and toasting the happy couple (you’d be surprised how many people forget this)), there is no copy and paste routine to these speeches as everyone’s story is unique.

The foundations of each friendship are different. Some bonds are formed on laughter and humour, while others are built from the ashes of a tragedy. So, the writing process for each couldn’t be more different–it has to be. While one speech would be perfect for one person, that same speech would be inappropriate and hollow for another.

With that said, there is a basic structure you can follow when writing your own best friend maid of honor speech!

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Share a memory of you and your bestie
  3. Talk about the happy couple (consider sharing a brief memory about them or why you know they’re a great couple)
  4. Congratulate the couple
  5. Cheers!

Looking for a deep dive into how to write a maid of honor speech? Check out my blog!

Why is the Maid of Honor Speech so Special?

We’re all different; we know this, yet there is something so beautiful about piecing together different puzzles, seeing beyond the differences, and finding the similarities.

We value friendship, support, and companionship. Whether you’re introverted or extroverted, you know that warm feeling of being cared for. It’s a beautiful, valuable, and indescribable honor to be loved. While I genuinely believe that this feeling of being loved is indescribable and undefinable, there is something so genuine in the pursuit of capturing (even a small) reminder of the power of love and friendship. Which is exactly what can be accomplished with a well-written maid of honor speech!

A Snapshot of the Story of Your Friendship

Like that nostalgic scent that transports you back to your childhood (I swear I will be hunting mine until the end of time–it’s a vanilla SOMETHING), we can never truly explain how the love from a genuine friendship makes us feel. We also never know when it’s going to affect us either, but when it does, it is an extraordinary moment that makes us stop and reflect.

So no, there is no secret formula to these speeches, and like that elusive scent, these speeches will never truly define your bond, but they can remind you of some of those special memories, and they can remind you that you’re cared for and loved. And that’s pretty good too and sharing that feeling during a celebration of love is pretty remarkable!

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