Which Wedding Traditions Are We over?


Wedding Traditions

Some wedding traditions have been around for AGES and while some people love the idea of engaging in these traditional events others find them outdated, unnecessary, a waste of resources, and even sometimes sexist. Whether you’re for or against certain wedding traditions it comes down to personal choices and choosing the options that best represent you as a couple.

I polled 128 people and gave then 9 options to choose from. People could choose more than one option and were asked “Which Wedding Traditions Did you Skip?”

The options were:

  • Garter Toss — 18.2%
  • Bouquet Toss — 16%
  • Guests weren’t split onto “bride” & “groom” sides — 15%’
  • Married somewhere other than a church — 14.5%
  • No flower girl/ring bearer — 12.3%
  • No cake feeding/smashing — 11.7%
  • Bridal Party (didn’t have one, no maid of honour/best man, mixed genders etc.) — 4.1%
  • First dance –2.8%
  • Other — 5.4%

From the given choices participants chose “garter toss” as the MOST skipped wedding tradition with one participant saying “why would I want to toss something sweaty from my leg at my guests?”

128 Brides were polled and asked which wedding traditions they skipped or are planning on skipping.

What about you? What Wedding Tradition did you skip? Are you planning on skipping any? Why or why not? I’d love to hear from you!


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