Are wedding trends a PROBLEM?

text: "Are wedding trends a problem?"

Wedding Trends

When I think about Weddings and trends, I think about the ever-changing gown styles, the move from the cupcake phenomenon to the donut wall, and the emergence of “new” dress styles, bouquets and just about everything in between.

While we often think of the tangible pieces as the trendy parts, but Wedding Speeches are not immune to the ever-changing trends that sweep over us. As a whole, trends pull us in, we are in awe, we are entertained, and then we are bored, and then what? Well, we’re just sort of “over it.”

What’s the Life cycle of a Trend?

Trends are tricky because we consume them in such a high dosage that we make ourselves almost literally sick to our stomachs, and then we have a sort of visceral reaction to these trends afterwards. We’re just so done with seeing/hearing/engaging with the trend that the demise is rarely gradual and thoughtful, but instead, it’s a drastic and almost overnight decision that it’s not the in thing anymore and now it’s uncool to like it (and for heaven’s sake do not even mention it… unless you’re bashing it because that’s totally cool).

Who even decides this? Is it us? Do we turn our collective thumb down in disapproval, or do we read it on a popular blog with a Wondrous Wizard-like leader letting us know that we can “Keep on walking, folks!”

Wedding Speech Trend

A Wedding Speech trend that was on a steady YouTube roll was the “rapping/singing” your speech to a current hit song. You change the lyrics to be more personal and sentimental to the happy couple but keep the same music and flow of the original song. These speeches are all over YouTube and can be very entertaining and a lot of fun!

I’ve worked with a few clients and wrote their custom speeches to the beat of Iggy Izalea’s song Fancy, Eminem’s Lose Yourself, Adele’s Hello, and the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and they’re a lot of fun to write. I can’t help but laugh when I picture my clients delivering their speeches.

But when I mentioned these projects to a few people, their responses were, “Oh, that’s just a trend.” While I agree with that, it’s definitely trendy (If you quickly Google this very same song and add Wedding Speech to the search you’ll get a lot of results), but I don’t agree that there should be a negative tie to the event just because it’s a trend.

Why do We Hate on Trends?

So, what’s wrong with a trend? We might consume them way too readily, and in far too high of doses, but that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? Something new pops up, it becomes trendy, and our groupthink mentality kicks in, and we all move in the new direction (minus a few outliers, but that’s normal; We need outliers!).

It’s important to remember (or at least consider) that even after this trend is long gone, that there’s nothing wrong with still liking or doing it. Just because something is changing in a different direction doesn’t mean you have to go along with it.

If something peaks your interest, then go for it! Enjoy it! Have fun! Even if it’s not trendy. On the flip side, if something is trendy, this shouldn’t scare you away from doing it either. It may seem like I’m taking the “everyone is a winner” road here, but honestly, why is it cool to hate on each other all the time? If you’re not hurting anyone, why is it a problem?

Bonding Over a Mutual Dislike

It’s fashionable to judge and bond over our mutual dislikes (some relationships are almost solely based on this bond), but why go out of your way to squash the joy from someone else because you’re not into what they’re doing? It’s like that classic scene where the bully goes over and demolishes the kid’s sandcastle, but we do it as adults ALL. THE. TIME.

The Wedding trends will forever come and go, aesthetics change with the times, and our opinions change as we grow both individually and within groups, but doesn’t it seem problematic to hate on people for liking and disliking trends?

It seems to me to be an awful lot of grumbling around a day that should be centred around the idea of love and celebration.

Take Care of Yourself

Sustainable lifestyles aren’t purely about maintaining our physical environment, but it is also about choosing a lifestyle that we can sustain mentally. We cannot support a healthy lifestyle while harbouring mass amounts of negativity.

What do you think about trends in the Wedding Industry or even just trends in general? Do we overdo it (or is that the point)? Do we love to hate them? Do you even care? Let me know!

Stay Curious,

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an image of a computer screen that shows the Etsy shop of a professional wedding speech writer with text that reads: "Click here for a custom written wedding speech"
an image of a computer screen that shows the Etsy shop of a professional wedding speech writer with text that reads: “Click here for a custom written wedding speech”

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