Nervous Giving your maid of honour speech? Here’s 7 speech delivery tips

text: "Nervous about your maid of honour speech? Top 7 tips!"

Are you giving a Maid of Honour speech, but are nervous about public speaking? Here are 7 speech delivery tips to help you calm your nerves!


Practice your speech a lot! You don’t have to memorize it, but the more comfortable you are with the words, the easier it will be to deliver them (even if you’re feeling very nervous)


Keep the text large and consider splitting up paragraphs even more (if they feel large to you). This way, it’s much easier to find your place if you get lost during the delivery or if you’re flustered


Bring some water up to the podium to sip. If you get flustered or nervous, take a moment to sip the water and center yourself. Plus, you’ll be grateful you have it if you get a dry mouth!


Have a backup copy of the speech (with a friend or partner or on your phone) JUST in case something happens, and you misplace your physical copy (this is one less thing to worry about)


If possible, try practicing in front of people (or a person) to become comfortable with speaking the words in front of an audience


Take your time! There’s nothing wrong with taking a few moments to breathe in between lines, pausing to sip water and going at your own pace. You want to give people time to digest your words and follow what you’re sharing, so try not to speed read the words


If nerves do kick in, stop and breathe! A few big breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth can make a huge difference! As for the pose, have you heard of Amy Cuddy’s research on power poses? Her research studies how a simple pose for a few short minutes can make a big difference in our confidence, which could be a very useful and quick exercise before you deliver your speech! Check out her 30 second YouTube video!

Please let me know if you have any other questions or need help with anything! If you need help writing your upcoming speech, please visit my shop!

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