Are Custom Wedding Speeches Impersonal?

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One of the things I hear most often as a professional wedding speech writer is, “I could never have someone else write something so personal to me.”

A common misconception with custom wedding speeches is they’re impersonal and are not from the speaker’s heart, but this isn’t true when working with most speech writers.

The words are your own

The job of the professional speech writer isn’t to write the speech they would give but to write the speech that the reader wants to share.

This is why questionnaires or conversations with the reader are integral parts of the writing process. This is how the writer learns about the reader, how they speak, what they want to share, how they feel, and the story they wish to share in their wedding speech.

Custom speeches are not carbon copies.

When working with a professional speech writer, the speech is custom-written for the reader and isn’t something they’d write for all their clients as it’s a personalized speech.

A speech written for one of my clients would be entirely inappropriate for another client as the words, memories and sentiments are from the first client and are personalized and unique to only them.

We are all different, and while we may share a love for similar quotes or ideas, at the core, each speech will have its own voice and story.

Speech writers are trained to write in different voices and for individual people.

Writing speeches is not a “one size fits all” job.

As a writer, I have to easily switch tones and voices from speech to speech to meet each client where they’re at to ensure the speech matches who they are and what they want to share.

One of the things that I often hear from my clients in their reviews is that the speeches that I write from them are all their own information but organized into a thoughtful speech that flows well.

I do not decide on your story or what you say; I simply help you put your words together into a meaningful speech that you’re proud to read on your loved one’s wedding day.

Speech writers know how to pull the most important information to tell a special story.

Some clients know exactly what they want to say in their speech, which is terrific. However, some clients have no idea what they want to share.

Sometimes relationships are challenging and strained. Sometimes distance and time between visits leaves things unsaid and makes it difficult to speak from the heart and be vulnerable. Other times we’ve never been vulnerable or asked to share our own words in front of an audience.

Many unique challenges come with wedding speeches that professional wedding speech writers know how to work with.

  • We know how to get the perfect story.
  • We know how to weave your words together to help you share what’s in your heart.
  • And we know how to craft it all into a speech that matches you and that you’ll feel confident reading on such an important day.

How to choose the best wedding speech writer?

Luckily, these days, there are so many great wedding speech writers out there to meet various needs. So, take your time to do your research and choose the speech writer who best matches your style and goals.

Want to learn how to choose a speech writer? Check out my blog on 8 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Speech Writer!

Working with me

My name is Britney, and I’ve been a professional wedding speech writer since 2016. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and have maintained a 5-star rating. To learn more about me and my speeches, please visit my shop and feel free to reach out with any questions!

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