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Do I Have to Memorize my Wedding Speech?

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Do I have to memorize my wedding speech?

If this is your first time giving a Maid of Honor speech, Best Man speech, parent speech or any other wedding speech, you may wonder “Do I have to memorize my wedding speech?”

This is a question I often get as a professional wedding speech writer and today we’ll break it down!

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Wedding speeches can be stressful

Before we answer our question, I’d like to remind you that wedding speeches can be a stressful experience for most people:

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So, “Do I need to memorize my wedding speech?”

If you have practice delivering speeches or monologues to an audience and feel more comfortable memorizing your speech, then, sure, go for it!

However, for most people, memorizing a speech is just another unnecessary stressor! No one is expecting you to memorize your speech. It is entirely acceptable to go up and read off of a piece of paper.

So, my answer to “Do I have to memorize my wedding speech” is simple–it’s a solid nope!

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While you don’t have to memorize your speech, there are a few things you can do to help you prepare for your speech:

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Final thoughts: Be kind to yourself

There can be many expectations around weddings and wedding planning, and sometimes we get consumed by it all. So, remember to be kind to yourself and do the best you can through this process.

No one is expecting you to be a professional speaker or writer. Try to speak from the heart, and if you need some support or help, please reach out! I’m a professional wedding speech writer with over 5 years of experience—you can find my Etsy shop here.

Wishing you all the best,


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