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Do You Give a Speech at Your Own Wedding?

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If you’re planning your big day (congratulations!), you may be wondering if you give a speech at your own wedding? We’ll dive into some wedding etiquette and draw on my experience as a professional wedding speech writer to answer this question.

Who Gives Speeches at the Wedding?

It’s common for the following people to give a speech at the wedding reception:

But, what about the bride or groom?

Do You Give a Speech at Your Own Wedding?

The bride or groom can give a speech at their own wedding (and commonly do), though many people choose to forgo the speech for various reasons.

You Can Give a Speech IF You’d like to, But it’s Not Necessary

Some people want to grab the mic and take a few quick moments to thank their guests for attending and sharing a few special words. If this is you, then awesome! Feel free to start jotting down some ideas, researching speech ideas, or reaching out to a professional wedding speech writer (like me!).

What if I’m Terrified of Public Speaking?

If the thought of standing up in front of all those people makes your knees weak (arms are heavy), then you do not need to torture yourself by forcing yourself to give the speech.

What if I’m Terrified of Public Speaking but REALLY Want to Give a Speech?

If you’re really nervous but really want to give a speech, you’re not out of luck!

Here are a few speech tips that I tell my clients who are really nervous about giving a wedding speech:

Make it a Team Effort

Remember that fantastic person who will be at your side on your wedding day? You know… your wonderful partner? Well, consider leaning on them for help with the speech, especially if they’re more comfortable with public speaking.

Talk to your partner and find the option that works best for both of you!

Wondering if you need to memorize your speech? Check out my blog!

My Partner and I Have No Interest in Giving a Speech on Our Wedding Day

This is totally valid and not a problem! You do NOT have to give a speech at your own wedding. There are many ways to thank your guests for attending your special day beyond giving a speech.

I Want to Give a Speech, but I Don’t Know How to Write One

If you want to give a speech at your own wedding but are worried about the writing part, I can help!

My name is Britney, and I’m a professional wedding planner. I’m also a certified wedding planner with the Wedding Planning Institute of Canada, so I have a passion for all things weddings! I’ve been writing wedding speeches professionally since 2016 and have worked with over 500 happy clients.

It’s my goal to help all my clients find the perfect words to help make their special day even more memorable. If you’d like help putting together your wedding speech, please visit my Etsy shop. I offer various custom speech options to meet many people’s needs.

What do you think? Is it Important for the Newlyweds to Give a Speech at Their Own Wedding?

Do you think it’s important for the happy couple to give a speech at their own wedding?

Did you give a speech at your wedding?

Let me know in the comments!

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