Are Bridal Shower Favors Necessary?

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Are bridal shower favors necessary? Bridal shower favors may seem essential for those well-versed in wedding traditions and etiquette, especially from previous decades. Many saw them as a sign of thanks and appreciation for guests taking the time to attend the event. But does this make them a necessity, and how do we view them today?

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Are bridal shower favors necessary?

Simply put, you do not have to hand out bridal shower favors if you don’t want to. These gifts can be a nice token of appreciation, but only if the gift has meaning or value to your guests.

What makes for a good favor?

  • Gifts that guests would enjoy using
  • Items that guests would happily display in their homes
  • A gift that’s delicious to eat or drink
  • Something usable for everyday life

What makes for a poor favor?

  • Something that’s cheap and will likely break
  • An item that doesn’t have a lot of use for the majority of people and would probably end up in the garbage (e.g., handing out cute scrunchies when many guests have short hair) 
  • A gag gift with no value or actual use

When not to hand out favors?

So, when should you skip the bridal shower favors? The answer can be tricky as everyone is different, but here are a few reasons many people choose to skip the favors:

  • The planners/bride have decided they are not necessary
  • There’s no budget for gifts
  • Cannot find something that would be valuable or meaningful for the guests
  • Rather use that money towards more food or something that can be enjoyed by the guests and the bride at the event
  • When you think the gifts would be more wasteful and sustainability is important to you and the bride 

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Bridal shower and wedding planning etiquette reminder

For many people, hosting a bridal shower is something they have never done before, so learning the etiquette and expectations can be overwhelming. 

At the end of the day, many of these choices are personal, and not everyone will agree. Do your best and if you’re stuck, chat with the bride and talk it out. 

These events should be in the spirit of the values of the happy couple, and they’ll likely be glad to talk through these challenges with you as you plan and prep for their special day!

Let me know! Did you have bridal shower favors?

If you’ve had a bridal shower or planned one or attended one, were there bridal shower favors? What were they? Did you end up using them? Would you have been offended without a gift? 

Let me know in the comments!

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