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Top Maid of Honor Speech Do’s and Don’ts

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Are you writing a Maid of Honor speech? Today, we’re going to cover the top 5 Maid of Honor speech Do’s and Don’ts to help you write the best wedding speech possible!

5 Top Maid of Honor Speech Do’s

  1. Do introduce yourself: While introducing yourself may feel odd, especially if you’re family or a close friend, everyone in attendance may not know you. So, it’s good practice to introduce yourself, especially if it’s a larger wedding!
  2. Do be yourself: While you might feel pressure to deliver a hilarious speech or something incredibly sentimental that makes the Bride cry, stay true to yourself. Write a speech from your heart that matches your tone, style and personality. Remember, the best speeches are the ones that are genuine, not forced.
  3. Do be audience-friendly: Remember that the couple likely has many friends and family, old and young, in attendance. So, avoid swears and any inappropriate stories.
  4. Do talk about the partner: As you’re representing the bride, it can be easy to get so lost in your history and great stories that you forget about their partner! Remember, it’s their big day, too, and it will mean a lot to them (and the bride) that you mentioned them in your speech. If you don’t like their partner, check out my tips on how to write a Maid of Honor speech if you don’t like the groom.
  5. Do practice your speech: When we’re nervous, sometimes we want to bury our heads in the sand and just hope for the best. But with a public speech, you’ll want to practice! While it might be scary to think about this speech, preparation will make the whole thing go a lot smoother.

5 Top Maid of Honor Speech Don’ts

  1. Don’t roast the couple: Even if you all share this type of humour, this is not the time to roast the couple. Their loved ones are here today, and no one wants to hear anything raunchy, demeaning or mean (even if it’s in a joking spirit). If you want to add jokes, keep them respectful and kind.
  2. Don’t fill your speech with inside jokes: Speaking of jokes, lots of inside jokes are a no-no. Why? Because no one but you and the other person understands what they mean. To an audience member, hearing, “Stay away from the purple lights! Sara, you know what I mean!” isn’t fun. Truly, you’ll lose the audience’s attention, so to keep everyone engaged and keep things meaningful, avoid the inside jokes.
  3. Don’t make it about you: This is not the time to talk about your past stuggles, future plans or new announcements. Avoid proposals, personal announcements, personal overshares or anything that might take the focus off the happy couple. This is their day, and they’ve trusted you to keep the focus on them for their celebration.
  4. Don’t speak for too long: I get it! You have a lifetime of memories you want to share, but long speeches are a drag for the audience. Keep things moving along with a speech between 1-5 minutes maximum (2-3 minutes is the sweet spot!).
  5. Don’t forget to toast to the couple: It’s surprising how many people forget this! Don’t forget to end your speech by raising your glass and toasting to the happy couple! To make it clear when your speech is done, you can end with the classic “cheers!”

What would you add to this list?

What else would you add as a top do or don’t for a Maid of Honor speech? Let me know in the comments below!

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