What To Do Instead of a Speech at A Wedding?

yellow wedding flower with text that reads, "What to do instead of a speech at a wedding?"

If you’re wondering what to do instead of a speech at a wedding, I have a few special ideas to help you out!

1. Read a poem

If you still want to go up to the podium and cheers to the couple, consider writing a poem to read or reading a poem by another author (of course, giving them credit!). This can relieve the pressure of writing a speech while allowing you to say a few words.

2. Give a joint speech

For those who want to give a speech, but are nervous about the process, consider giving a joint speech! Writing the speech together can be a lot of fun, and having someone up there can help relieve nerves!

3. Record your speech

If you want to do the speech alone but don’t want to stand up on the big day to give it, you can record the speech and have it played during the reception!

4. Create a slideshow

If you’d rather forgo the speech altogether, create a slideshow with fun photos and memories of the couple. This can be fun to play during dinner or at the signing table. If you want it to be extra special, reach out to friends and family and have them share their favourite photos. I’ve seen slideshows that share their favourite “silly” pictures of the couple that had everyone laughing and sharing stories. Just make sure the images are family-appropriate and nothing that would embarrass or upset the happy couple.

5. Write a letter

If you’re a more private person or feel like you have some heartfelt things you’d like to share with one or both of the newlyweds, write a letter! This can be a beautiful wedding gift or a personal gift to one of them the night before the wedding.

6. Get creative

Think about something you enjoy doing and brainstorm ways to incorporate that into the wedding. Do you love to sing and would enjoy singing a fun song for the couple? Do you want to do a short game where you quiz the happy couple? Think outside the box! But keep it short, family-friendly, and it’s usually a good idea to run any alternative ideas by the happy couple (just in case!).

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