5 Wedding Business Ideas You Can Start Today

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For those who want to enter the wedding industry and start their own business but aren’t sure what to do, I’m sharing 5 wedding business ideas you can start today!

5 Wedding Business Ideas You Can Start Today

1.      Wedding Speech Writer

If you love writing and are a good storyteller, you might be a great wedding speech writer!

What is a wedding speech writer?

A wedding speech writer is a person who writes custom wedding speeches for clients. You might work with the Maid of Honor, Best Man, Father of the Groom or whoever wants to give a speech. You’ll interview your clients and use that information to write their personalized speeches.

What skills does a wedding speech writer need?

  • Writing
  • Storytelling
  • Creativity
  • Organization
  • Thick skin
  • Patience
  • Customer service

How do you become a wedding speech writer?

Research and practice are the most important parts of becoming a wedding speech writer. Search online, read books and listen to speeches. Learn what audiences respond well to and pay attention to the flow and style of each speech.

As every client is different, you’ll need to practice different styles and tones.

2.      Wedding Planner

Are you a people person who loves planning and organizing and thrives under pressure? You might be well-suited for a career as a wedding planner!

This is one of the more common wedding industry jobs, but one that is often very fulfilling and enjoyable for those who are well-suited!

What is a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is someone who plans weddings professionally. But there’s much more to this career!

You’ll be working with clients and learning their vision for their big day. You will need to help them with all the planning logistics and confirming their budget (and staying within that budget).

You’ll also work with vendors to confirm important details and negotiate contracts. You might do venue tours and attend tastings.

You’ll likely be in attendance on the wedding day to ensure everything goes according to plan and the first to respond if things don’t go as planned.

There are many more tasks and duties that I can list here, so I encourage you to do more research if this interests you!

What skills does a wedding planner need?

  • Great planning and organization
  • Budgeting
  • Attention to small details
  • Customer service
  • Networking
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Leadership

How do you become a wedding planner?


While formal training is not required, there are some great learning opportunities for those who would like certification. Check out the Wedding Planning Institute of Canada (WPIC) if you’re in Canada.

Industry research

Jump online, take out books and ask wedding planners out for coffee to learn about their jobs. You can find plenty of information on how to get your first client, what to charge, what to know etc.

Start making wedding industry connections

Get to know the bakers, florists, caterers, officiants etc., in your area. You’ll be working with vendors regularly, so start networking early. With these connections built early on, you’ll be better prepared to serve your clients and can start building your business through word of mouth.

3.      Wedding Officiant

Do you enjoy public speaking and can handle high-emotion situations? You might be a great wedding officiant!

What is a wedding officiant?

A wedding officiant is a person who leads the wedding ceremony. You’ll guide the couples through the wedding script, their vows and their consent into marriage. You’ll ensure the wedding license is properly completed. You may also help out at the rehearsal and lead everyone through the process.

What skills does a wedding officiant need?

  • Public speaking
  • Patience
  • Leadership
  • Writing (if you’ll be writing your own script)
  • Customer service
  • Ability to stay calm in stressful or emotional situations
  • Punctuality

How do you become a wedding officiant?

This will depend on where you live, as different areas have rules for who can perform marriages. You’ll need to research for your area and follow the designated steps.

4.      Wedding Cake Baker/Decorator

Do you love baking and have a flair for creativity? Wedding cake baker could be the career for you!

What is a wedding cake baker?

A wedding cake baker is a person who makes wedding cakes (and, perhaps, other desserts), baking and decorating cakes to meet clients’ wishes.

Bakers often specialize in specific style aesthetics, which can be a lot of fun for people who want to operate in a specific industry (e.g., geeky cakes, goth cakes, huge floral cakes, donut cakes etc. – the sky is the limit!).

What skills does a wedding cake baker need?

  • Organization
  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Willingness to learn
  • Patience
  • Problem-solving

How do you become a wedding cake baker?

Get training

Whether you get formal training in culinary and pastry arts or take private lessons, you can learn directly from experts.

Industry research

Search online to find wedding cake bakers and research their services. Learn what they charge, whether they work for an organization or themselves, and what cakes they specialize in. Use this information to help you decide what kind of wedding cake baker you want to be.

Become an apprentice

If you are going to school, look for a program with an apprenticeship element so you can learn hands-on skills. If you’re not going to school, reach out to bakers in your community and see if anyone would be interested in mentoring an up-and-coming baker.


If you don’t want to take formal training, find a space to practice! If you’re fortunate to have a kitchen at home where you can bake, try different designs, recipes, and sizes. Find your niche and share your creations with friends and family to get some input.

5.      Wedding Photographer

If you’re never caught without a camera in your hand and have an eye for capturing the perfect moments, you might be a great wedding photographer!

What is a wedding photographer?

A wedding photographer is responsible for capturing photos of the couple, the guests and the overall wedding day. You’ll need to work with your clients to ensure you capture the images they want and be able to stay alert all day to snap photos of any spontaneous, memorable or sweet moments.

What skills does a wedding photographer need?

  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Computer skills
  • Time management
  • Quick reflexes
  • Customer service
  • Physical stamina
  • Patience
  • Flexibility
  • Good people skills

How do you become a wedding photographer?

Learn from experts

You can enroll in a full arts degree to specialize in photography or take an evening class with a local photographer. Either way, you can find options that suit you and allow you to learn from experts in the field.

Invest in gear

Whether you want to start by renting gear or buying, you’ll need equipment to practice and work with.


Do fun shoots with friends and family! Volunteer to take photos at a loved one’s wedding. Get comfortable with taking pictures of people and start gaining some experience. Ask your loved ones if you can use these photos in your portfolio to show potential clients.

Become an assistant

Reach out to local wedding photographers and offer yourself as an assistant. You’ll get to participate in weddings, learn from an expert and gain hands-on experience.

Final thoughts: Wedding Business Ideas – The Next Steps

There are so many great wedding business ideas out there to match just about anyone’s skills and interests. If the above ideas didn’t suit your style, I encourage you to spend some time online researching the many wedding business ideas out there!

If this list did spark some ideas for you, it’s time to brainstorm! Research people already in that industry and start learning the options available.

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