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How to Write a Wedding Speech for Your Son

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How do you write a wedding speech for your son? Today we’ll take you through some steps and ideas to help you put together your perfect wedding speech.

Who to thank?

Would you like to thank anyone in your speech?


What would you like to share about your son?

It’s common to talk a little bit about your son, either as a child or by sharing a special memory.

As you decide what you’d like to share, consider:

As you choose what to share, think about what you want your son to feel on his big day and then select special memories that match that feeling. If you want him to feel happy and loved, make sure the memories you share aren’t sad or embarrassing.

Don’t forget about their partner!

Even if you don’t know the partner well, it’s their day too, so it’s important to talk about them in your speech.


Wedding wishes/advice

Wrap your speech up by thinking of the future with a wedding wish or some wedding advice!


Next steps: Writing your speech

Hopefully, these tips and ideas have helped you answer: How do you write a wedding speech for your son? Now, the real challenge is often keeping it under 3 minutes!

But, if you’re still stuck, please reach out! I’m a professional wedding speech writer and would love to help you write your perfect speech. Click here to see my services and fees.

Thank you!


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