When Should You Start Writing Your Maid of Honor Speech?

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As the wedding date comes closer, you may wonder when should you start writing your Maid of Honor speech?

Start soon, but not too soon

What does it mean to start soon, but not too soon?

Ideally, you’d want to start your speech early enough to brainstorm ideas, write and edit your draft, and practice without feeling rushed or panicked with the ever-looming wedding date.

However, you don’t want to start too early. Why? If you start your speech too early, there are a couple of risks:

  • You might start it without finishing it. But feel so confident that you started it early that you tell yourself, “You have lots of time to finish,” and procrastinate anyway.
  • You might start it and finish it so early that by the time the wedding arrives, what you wrote is no longer the main thing you want to share in your speech. We can have changes of heart or remember great memories closer to the wedding date. If you finalize everything too early, you might change your mind later.

So, when should you start writing your Maid of Honor speech?

Start it as early as you need to feel comfortable and like it’s fresh and relevant to your feelings.

For many people, a great timeframe is to begin thinking about their speech one month before the wedding. This way, you have time to brainstorm your speech and put together a draft during the first week. Then you can edit and refine the second week, and then have the remaining two weeks to practice and not worry about it anymore!

Considerations around when you start your speech:

You’ll be very busy near the wedding

If you know you’re really busy right before the wedding, you likely want to start writing your speech earlier. Go through your calendar, find out when you’re busy, and make sure you plan to finish your speech beforehand.

You want to do some research

If you plan to talk to family for story ideas, scout out the venue to see where you’ll be speaking or do any research beforehand, you might want to start earlier. This way, you’ll have time to do your investigation with plenty of time to put your findings together for a speech.

You’re using technology

If you’re using technology (slideshow, playing music, video etc.), you’ll likely want to start early. Whether you’re responsible for bringing laptops or talking to people about where things will be kept, give yourself more time.

You’re a procrastinator

If you know you have a tendency to procrastinate, you’ll probably want to start your speech a little early. This way, you can accommodate any procrastination habits. For the best results, give yourself a strict writing timeline and have a trusted friend help keep you accountable.

You get really nervous

If you get really nervous, you may benefit from starting your speech a few months in advance to have extra time to relax, knowing it’s already written.

Wishing you all the best!

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