What Should You Say About the Groom in a Maid of Honor Speech?

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10 Tips on What to Say in Your Maid of Honor Speech About the Groom (with Examples!)

You likely have plenty to say about the bride, but what should you say about the groom in a maid of honor speech?

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If you don’t know the groom well (or even if you do), it can feel overwhelming to know what to say about them in your maid of honor speech. To help you brainstorm some ideas, I’ve created a list of 10 ideas for including the groom in your speech.

10 Ideas on “What Should You Say About the Groom in a Maid of Honor Speech”

1.      Compliment How Nice the Bride and Groom Look on Their Special Day

This can be a great way to start your speech and include the bride and groom right from the start.

Example: “Can we take a moment to appreciate how great Morgan and Sam look today? These two are absolutely radiating with joy, and I know I speak for everyone here when I say we all feel so lucky to share in their love story today!”

2.      Comment On What a Great Job the Couple Did Planning Their Wedding

Another great way to start your speech and make the couple feel good is by commenting on how beautifully their big day has come together. This, of course, depends on whether the bride and groom did work together to plan the wedding. But, if they did plan together, this can be a fun and meaningful acknowledgement.

Example: “I’d like to start by thanking Morgan and Sam for putting together this amazing day for all of us to enjoy and celebrate. You two did an incredible job planning together, and I know that speaks to the strength of your partnership. Together, you two can tackle any challenge and I know there’s a bright future ahead!

3.      Explain What You Love About How He Treats Your Friend

If you’ve spent some time with the couple, you’ve likely seen their dynamic. Is there anything you’ve seen about how the groom treats the bride that you think is sweet and worth mentioning?

  • Does he rub her back when she gets overwhelmed?
  • Does he cheer her on as she chases all her goals?
  • Does he make her favourite food after she has a hard day?

Example: Having seen Morgan and Sam’s relationship up close, I know for sure that Morgan is Sam’s perfect match. Not only is he always there to listen and support her through all the ups and downs, but he’s always ready with her favourite dinner and comfort snacks after she has a rough day. He clearly makes her a priority, plus any person who always carries emergency chocolate gets extra points in my books!

4.     Comment on How Perfectly He Fits in With Her Family

If the bride is close with her family and you know the groom gets along well with them, it can be meaningful to mention how well he fits in with them. A comment like this (as long as it’s true) can make everyone feel extra loved and connected on the big day.

For example: If you know Sam, you know her family is her world. So, anyone who wanted access to her heart would need to get through the family first! But not only has Morgan won the hearts of her family, he’s clearly one of them. He fits in so well; it feels like they were all meant to find each other.

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5.      Share The Story of Their Love

If you know how they met or how they fell in love, this can be a great way to incorporate the groom into your speech.

For example: “I’ll never forget Sam texting me the night of her first date with Morgan. They had been set up on a blind date, and Sam was getting nervous about meeting this stranger.

She and I had set up at least a dozen excuses to get her out of the date if things didn’t go well, so I was ready to get her out of there at a moment’s notice.

About an hour into their date, I was sitting anxiously waiting near my phone for my cue. When I got a text from Sam, I was halfway out the door before I realized she sent me the smiley emoji with heart eyes, which was definitely not one of our signals.

Well, now she really had my attention, and I waited HOURS for her to call me to tell me what was up. It must have been nearly midnight by the time she called. She told me she just got home and they had the best time. She told me about his laugh, smile and great sense of humour. Even over the phone, I could tell she was smiling the whole time.

Honestly, even though they had just met, and I didn’t know him yet, this felt so different. I had never heard my friend so excited and happy, and I had a feeling he was going to be someone special. Today, I can tell you without a doubt that he is her other half. Together, they share my favourite love story, and I can’t wait to see how the next chapter unfolds.”

6.      Highlight Qualities You Like About Him That Make Him a Great Partner

If you don’t know too much about the groom or their relationship, try and brainstorm qualities you have noticed about him.

  • Is he funny?
  • Is he polite and kind?
  • Does he work hard?

Then, you can use this quality to compliment the groom and talk about how that quality makes him a great partner.

For example: “Morgan is such a hard worker. He runs his own company and works daily from dawn to dusk to get everything done. And yet, despite his busy schedule, he always makes time for Sam and all their loved ones. He’s the kind of guy you know you can count on for anything, and I know he’ll bring this same incredible determination and attention to his marriage with Sam.

7.      How His Differences Help Balance Your Friend

If the groom is very different from the bride, can you think of how their differences balance them and make them a stronger couple?

For example: While Sam is such a carefree and spontaneous person, Morgan is a bit more structured… actually… a lot more structured! But I think he adds the perfect amount of organization and routine to help them stay on track and reach their goals. They are clearly the perfect match and balance each other in every way.

8.      Share Things His Friends and Family Love About Him

If you don’t know anything about the groom, ask around! Talk to friends and family and find out what others love or admire about him and share it in your speech.

For example: “So, I did a little research for this speech. You see, I wanted to find out what kind of man my best friend was really marrying, so I talked to their friends and family to get the dirt.

What I found out is that Morgan is an incredible person. He’s loyal and is always there to help his friends and family, whether his mom needs help shovelling the driveway, or his little brother needs help with his truck. He’s funny, and I’m told he has the same humour as his late grandpa Jones. And he’s very loving and always tells his friends and family how much they mean to him.

I wasn’t sure anyone would ever be good enough for Sam, but Morgan? Well, sounds like he’s one in a million, and I couldn’t be happier that he and my best friend get to share their lives together.

9.      What You Wish for Their Future Together

What would you like for the bride and groom’s future?

  • A happily ever after?
  • Lots of laughter and love?
  • Tons of adventures travelling the world?
  • Endless snuggles with their fur baby?

Take some time to think about what you wish for their future, and then let them know.

For example: “Sam and Morgan, it’s been an honour to share this beautiful day with you both. Looking toward the future, I hope your days are filled with delicious coffees, endless snuggles with Buster, and great adventures all around the world.  

10. Ask The Audience to Join You in A Toast to The Happy Couple

Don’t forget to end with a toast, and remember to include the groom!

For example: “Please join me in a toast to Sam and Morgan! Here’s to your happily-ever-after—Cheers!

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