10 Tips for Planning an Eco-Friendly Wedding

10 Tips for Planning Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

Does planning a “Green Wedding” make you feel overwhelmed to the point where you’d rather give up?┬áIt shouldn’t. There are still many misconceptions about Green Weddings that make you believe you must sacrifice things you love to have an eco-friendly day, but that is just not true. The critical thing to remember is that your […]

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What’s Up With Wedding Trends?

What's up with wedding trends?

Wedding trends come and go, but we have really strong opinions about them and can create a lot of negative reactions. Why does this happen?

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7 Tips For Beginner Thrift Shoppers

7 Tips to become a thrift shopping master

As a writer, I love uncovering the stories behind old treasures and there’s no better place to find beautiful items with a lot of cool history than at second hand stores! While things have certainly changed, there are still stigmas attached to the idea of thrift shopping. However, as a lifelong thrifter and fashion enthusiast […]

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Why do we Wear Wedding Veils?

Six year ago, I married my partner. I wore a veil on my wedding day, and I didn’t consider the significance or the reasoning behind the veil, to be honest. I think that veils are beautiful and it seemed like one of the few times that it would be socially acceptable for me to wear […]

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Which Wedding Traditions Are We Ditching?

Wedding Traditions Some wedding traditions have been around for AGES and while some people love the idea of engaging in these traditional events others find them outdated, unnecessary, a waste of resources, and even sexist. Whether you’re for or against certain wedding traditions it basically comes down to personal choices and choosing the options that […]

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