Do I Have to Give a Wedding Speech?

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Are you a maid of honor or best man who is afraid of public speaking? If so, do you have to give a wedding speech? We’ll cover this topic in today’s blog!

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Do I Have to Memorize my Wedding Speech?

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If this is your first time giving a Maid of Honor speech, Best Man speech, parent speech or any other wedding speech, you may wonder about speech etiquette around the delivery.
Today, we’re tackling a question I often get as a professional wedding speech writer: “Do I Have to Memorize my Speech?”

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7 Key Skills to Becoming a Wedding Speech Writer

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For today’s blog, I thought I’d share my perspective on becoming a wedding speech writer and what skills are valuable and necessary for this career! We won’t talk about the business skills today, but more about the skills you’ll need for writing and working with your clients.

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Are Custom Wedding Speeches Impersonal?

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Are custom written wedding speeches impersonal? Today we’re talking about why working with a professional wedding speech writer means you’ll have a personalized and meaningful speech from the heart.

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Does a Wedding Speech Have to be Funny?

text: "Does a wedding speech have to be funny?"

Does your wedding speech have to be funny? Whether you’re writing a maid of honour speech, best man speech or any wedding speech, we can feel pressure to deliver a wedding speech filled with jokes, but is this really the expectation?

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8 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Speech writer


Nowadays, it’s incredibly common to hire a professional to write your wedding speech, but with new writers on the market each day, how do you choose the right wedding speechwriter?
Today, I’ll offer 8 suggestions on how to choose the speechwriter that’s best for you!

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