About Me

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My name is Britney aka “The Wedding Writer.”

I’m a professional  writer who specializes in writing custom wedding speeches and personalized letters.

Personalized Letters

I love working with people, helping them share the story of their special relationship.

Letters are an incredible way to share your affections for your loved ones. Not everyone has the ability or time to sit down and write a letter, so I learn about you and your loved one and help you share what’s in your heart.

Wedding Speeches

For people looking for a custom wedding speech, I’d love to work with you! I’ve been writing professional wedding speeches since 2014 and my experience as a certified wedding planner has given me a unique and professional perspective into how to make your speech both memorable and special!

Whether you’re looking for a maid of honor speech, best man speech, wedding thank you speech, or anything else, I’d love to help!

For more information on my business, please visit my Etsy shop to work with me.


What’s my Blog About?

Personally, I have interest in geek culture and living a sustainable lifestyle.

As a geek, I love to explore whimsical story-worlds through reading, writing, and gaming. These interests have all helped teach me to see the world from a multitude of perspectives, which helps me understand my client’s needs.

I was an awkward kid (fairly awkward adult, too) and I learned to connect with people and the world around me through stories (Goosebumps were a childhood favourite).

Whether the stories were of my own creation or the stories that books, music, art, video games and movies offered me, I was constantly daydreaming and always lost in a world far from my own.

Unfortunately, daydreaming is not a plausible career and so I learned to further develop my writing skills and decided to pursue a career in writing.

My unconventional nature and love for dark aesthetic comes from my family.

My Mother raised me on dark whimsy, introducing me to Tim Burton films, dreamy jazz, and ridiculous rhymes. My Father contributed horror films, magic, art, and everything macabre. My brother taught me about gritty rock and how to experience real life adventures. My husband has taught me to embrace all these dark elements that I love and more.

This page is me sharing my experience as a certified green wedding planner and professional wedding speech writer.

Whether you’d like some help with a writing project  or just want to talk about games, I’d love to connect!


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